History of Georgica Pond—Opening the Gut

In 1992 George Wilson Pierson wrote a reminiscence of Georgica Pond titled, “A Poose and its neighbors. Episodes from the History of Georgica Pond and its Bar.” The publication marked the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Georgica Association.

In his publication, Dr. Pierson refers to the colonial settlers, “using shovels or draft animals and a drag of some sort.” The indigenous custom was to use clam shells.

Thanks to LTV, the local cable access television station’s historic archives, we have found footage of Georgica Pond being opened in this exact manner. The film was shot between 1927- 1935 by Mr. Hamilton King who was a prominent illustrator who summered in East Hampton. He took up film as a hobby later in life.

We are grateful to LTV for saving this rare footage and hope you enjoy the film.