Policy Statement

To mitigate the degradation of the pond’s water quality from excess nitrogen and phosphorus and to remediate the environmental health problems created by toxic blue-green algae and macroalgae blooms, the FOGP is supportive of the following private land management practices throughout the Georgica Pond Watershed.

  • Voluntarily replacing existing septic systems with new low-nitrogen systems that reduce nitrogen concentrations to 19 milligrams/liter or less.
  • Providing native vegetative buffer zones around the pond and its tributaries of at least 50 ft.
  • Eliminating the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Protecting areas of natural vegetation throughout the watershed
  • Creating/Installing systems that intercept nitrogen and other contaminants in groundwater and surface water such as constructed wetlands and permeable reactive barriers.

Friends of Georgica Pond Mission Statement: “to preserve the Georgica Pond ecosystem for future generations through science-based, watershed-wide policy and restoration.”