In the Ground!

Low Nitrogen Septic Systems are installed

We’re pleased to report that three more low-nitrogen septic systems have been installed in the Georgica Pond 2-year travel time zone. We congratulate and applaud the three homeowners who have joined others in accomplishing this critical environmental milestone.

What is the 2-year travel time? This zone is a band around Georgica Pond in which it takes the groundwater two years to reach the pond. Anything entering the groundwater, including wastewater dispersing from your septic system, household chemicals and lawn fertilizer will reach Georgica Pond in two years in this zone (the red zone shown on map). This is the most important zone for septic upgrades to have maximum immediate impact on the water quality of Georgica Pond.

Installing low-nitrogen septic systems is so important to our water that the Town of East Hampton and Suffolk County are offering rebates and grants to those who qualify. Learn more about the Town’s rebate program.

As more homeowners install these systems, installations are becoming easier. The pioneers who installed the first systems deserve our applause!

A Fuji tank being installed.

For Suffolk County’s latest updates on the types and brands of low nitrogen systems offered to consumers, go to

Shallow Drain Fields

The effectiveness of nitrogen reducing septic tanks can be materially advanced by a Shallow Drain Field.

Shallow Drain Field system ready to be installed.

Shallow Drain Fields receive the treated wastewater exiting the low-nitrogen septic tank.  Since the drain fields are placed in the upper soil layers (6-12 inches below ground) and not deep in the ground like more traditional rings, the wastewater remains in the upper layer of soil where the majority of microbial activity occurs. The soil microbes remove most of the remaining nitrogen and make it available for plant growth. But most importantly, the shallow drain field maximizes the distance or separation between the wastewater being treated and the groundwater.

Shallow drain field installation completed.

If you’ve started the process of installing a low nitrogen system or thinking about it and have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. A new low nitrogen septic systems is your gift to Georgica Pond.

Happy Holidays