The End of Blue-Green Algae in Georgica Pond for 2015

What began as a mild green discoloration in early August and intensified to the largest blue-green algae bloom ever recorded in Georgica Pond by early September has finally come to an end. In between, the bloom was accompanied by no oxygen conditions, fish and eel kills, and discontent among Pond residents.

The end came quickly for the blue-green algae. As predicted, within hours of the ocean cut being opened last Wednesday October 7th, blue green algae began to be flushed out into the Atlantic Ocean. Within four days of the opening, the blue green algae had all but vanished from Georgica Pond. Blue-green algae thrive in low salinity, high temperature, and nutrient-rich water. Hence, beyond the action of physical flushing, blue green algae could not physiologically tolerate high levels of salinity brought by the influx of ocean water from the new cut. Given the seasonally dropping temperatures, it is highly unlikely that blue-green algae will be seen in Georgica Pond again in 2015.